Why Choose Us?

In our commitment to provide solutions that fit our clients perfectly, Northwest General Insurance and Financial Services strives to truly understand each client’s unique dynamics, specific goals and needs. And, with over 30 years of experience in Employee Group Benefits, our experts have the experience and market insight necessary to find and design solutions that fit both the employer and employee’s needs.

Bottom line – we help clients build attractive benefit packages while respecting their budget.

When you work with us you’ll discover that we provide much more than insurance plans.
Working as your HR partner, we will:
  • Assist with the application, underwriting and implementation process.
  • Meet with employees to ensure they understand and are getting the most from their benefits.
  • Keep you abreast of industry trends and regulations.

  • Meet with you periodically to ensure the plan is still meeting your needs as the company evolves.
  • Assist with renewals and any other matter a client may need assistance with relating to their benefits.

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Traditional Group Insurance

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Non-Traditional Group Insurance

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Employee Administration & Other HR Services

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