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With over 30 years experience in the insurance and financial industries, we’ve learned to really listen to our clients’ needs.  Whether you are looking to build wealth for your business, save for the future, or protect you and your family’s health and well being, we provide the most comprehensive range of investment and insurance strategies for every stage of life, designed to help you achieve your goals and dreams, whatever they may be.

One size does not fit all!  That’s why clients need a trusted advisor like Northwest General Insurance and Financial Services who is committed to simplifying and clarifying complex financial matters, such as social security, long-term care, tax and other financial planning.  We’ll help you sort through the maze of options out there today and arm you with the information you need to make good decisions about your future.

Today, businesses face tough financial and regulatory challenges while Individuals are seeing rising premiums and their opportunities for saving dissipate.  At Northwest General Insurance and Financial Services, we ease the burden of today’s turbulent insurance and investment landscape by giving personalized service and providing a wide array of products and services at competitive rates.

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Our Expansive Health Insurance Portfolio

Group Benefits & HR Services

Our experienced staff will help you secure an appropriate benefit package and keep up with tedius administration and compliance.GET QUOTE »

Health Plans

Don’t go without coverage!  Choose from traditional health plans (on and off Exchange), or purchase a short-term health plan to bridge gaps in coverage.GET QUOTE »

Life Insurance

When your family no longer has your income, you can still take care of them.  Our experts are trained to help you secure life insurance coverage tailored to fit your family’s lifestyle and budget.GET QUOTE »

Medicare Insurance

We can help you fill in the donut holes of your Medicare with extra coverage from a Medicare Supplement plan which could help save you thousands in healthcare costs.GET QUOTE »

Supplemental Insurance

Dental, Critical Illness, Accident and other secondary coverages are designed to help you offset high deductibles, premiums and healthcare costs.GET QUOTE »

Healthcare Reform

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is extensive healthcare reform that affects most businesses and individuals. We can help you stay compliant and in the know.LEARN MORE »

Financial Protection, Investment & Retirement Services

Life & Other Insurance Strategies

Life insurance, Long-Term Care and Disability Insurance are insurance solutions that are designed to help you build a nest egg, protect your family & business and also plan for the unexpected.

Education Savings & College Funding Plans

With the rising cost of tuition, a college savings plan is a smart way to make your student’s dreams of earning a college degree come true.  For every dollar you save, it is one less dollar borrowed.

Group Retirement Plans

Help your employees save for retirement with a variety of retirement savings plans that are beneficial for the employee, while having a great deal of flexibility for the employer.

Mutual Funds & Annuities

Mutual Funds and Annuities can be considered complex, but often offer diverse investment strategies that help you grow your money, save for retirement and achieve your financial goals.

Carriers We Work With

Life Insurance

Our Health Carriers